The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Possible Southern Africa Sector Outcomes Post The Covid-19 Pandemic

The second article in our series on African alternative investment during Covid-19 comprises a list of how different sectors in the Southern African marketplace might emerge post the Covid-19 Pandemic.  It has arisen from our discussions with investors, corporate finance advisors and companies during April and May 2020.  We did this exercise to help triage the significant increase in incoming funding requests we were experiencing. After numerous discussions with our network about it, we have been asked to publish it pursuant to our first article on the changing investor landscape which lays out the pressures faced by capital providers in the current climate.

What are Investors Doing Differently in Africa in the Covid-19 Era?

With the advent of the Great Global Lockdown, it seems appropriate to focus on how the market in Africa is developing, with particular emphasis on South Africa as one of Africa’s most sophisticated financial markets. The good news is that investors are still investing in Africa.  However, the landscape has changed considerably.  Capital has become constrained since the advent of lockdown, resulting in businesses that are likely to either survive or even thrive post the pandemic being starved of funding.  Many investors have observed this and are seeking legitimate opportunities. The consequence is that an increasing number of capital-seekers have realized that they need professional and experienced help from credible corporate finance advisors.  This has been evident in the significant increase in enquiries that Neu Capital Africa has received since the lockdown started in South Africa.

Neu Capital Africa Expands its Team

Neu Capital Africa, the African capital-matching platform, is delighted to welcome Ben Potter, head of energy and resources, and Barry Hawke, head of equities and valuations, to the growing Neu Capital team. Neu Capital helps quality corporate finance advisors raise capital in Australia, New Zealand and Africa, and has offices in London, Johannesburg, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. […]

Investment in Africa and the Bifurcation of Good and Bad Capital

Africa is not alone in struggling with corrupt and poorly behaved leadership in countries. However, countries with weaker democratic institutions and governance traditions are particularly susceptible, and it only takes a few financial institutions and professional advisors in otherwise respectable jursidictions to lose their moral compasses for corruption to flourish on an industrial scale. Fortunately, the majority of institutions and advisors play a straight bat (witness the EIB’s recent cancellation of loans to Africa). Nevertheless, referencing the scale of complicit corruption in other parts of the world does not help Africa – should we not aspire to a higher bar than that? Mo Ibrahim certainly thinks so.

Asoko Insight and Neu Capital Partner to Fuel the Growth of Africa and Australasia’s Most Extensive Dedicated Capital Matching Platform

Asoko Insight, Africa’s most comprehensive corporate data platform, and Neu Capital Africa, which discreetly matches global institutional investors with mid-market African businesses, have announced a partnership to enhance their respective offerings. The partnership will see Asoko combine their unique data acquisition model and corporate database of over 50,000 private African companies, with Neu Capital’s professional investor and corporate finance community in a confidential and curated on-line setting regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.