How Cala Capital Africa Works

Taking you from A to B, not around in circles.

Deal Done!

    Step 1: Marketplace

    Companies and investors connect and qualify each other online in a matter of seconds. No more wasted meetings with unsuitable or uninterested counterparties.


    At this stage companies are anonymous so investors not selected to the Dealroom stage by a company never see confidential information, or even the name of that company.


    The minimum deal size in the Marketplace is $5m.

    Step 2: Dealroom

    Invited investors enter the Neu Capital Africa Dealroom (under NDA) to find comprehensive accounting reports and separate pitch documents.


    Indicative offers are submitted before a set deadline, with each investor showing how they would meet the funding target. There are no restrictions on the structure of offers, so the Company can compare debt, equity and hybrid solutions – choosing a select few for the Final Round.

    Step 3: Final Round

    The road from term sheet to signed agreement is unique for every deal – even more so with tens of millions at stake – requiring absolute flexibility.


    At this stage the company and each Final Round investor are directly connected to meet face-to-face, undertake their due diligence, negotiate final terms and sign a deal.