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About Cala Capital Africa

Cala Capital Africa, formerly Neu Capital Africa, is a multiple award-winning provider of bespoke capital matching services for African capital-seekers. We work for leading companies in Africa to help them find appropriate debt and equity investors seeking to invest $5m to $50m+ in Africa. We also provide a tailored service to government agencies which are seeking to promote trade and investment in Africa.

Cala Capital Africa takes its name from an Nguni language expression for neutral, “engathathi cala”, or “not to take a side”. It honours our past as Neu Capital Africa, where ‘Neu is for neutral’, and our future focus on African capital-seekers.

The Best Capital-Matching Platform in Africa 2019, 2020 & 2021

Invest Africa

UK Department for International Trade

USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub

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We help established African mid-market companies and professional investors find each other and work out the best deal fast. If you’re raising or investing $5m to $50m+, you’re in the right place.


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